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Pikluk Browser 1.0

The Pikluk Browser is designed children who like to browse the Web
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Pikluk Browser is designed for those children who like to browse the web and use email. I found this browser unique in the way it offers parents the ability to set the websites they want their kids to browse. At the same time, it restricts access to other websites on the Web. Receiving emails can be restricted, as well as access to some parts of the computer system.

An outstanding feature of this browser is the parent dashboard, which can be used by parents to remotely configure the browser, adding and restricting sites from their work. The Pikluk interface is designed to show only the permitted contents, the child never gets access to the computer system. This ensures overall safety and prevents misuse of any system files or documents. Hence, you can allow your child to play on your PC with the Pikluk Browser installed on it.

The browser also provides a list of websites that are suitable for children’s education and entertainment. This will help your children have some quality time without having to search for anything first.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Supports remote administration


  • Some features may seem sacrificed for the sake of safety
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